Hey, Brothers & Sisters, Drinkers & Whistlers...

       5 Song EP "PHOENIX"

          Digital Release now!


Unsere neue Platte kommt am nächsten Freitag in die digitalshops.

Dazu auch das Video von Lonley Boy. Der Countdown läuft...

Die Vinylplatte kommt Anfang/Mitte Dezember.

Here´s some news about düsseldorfs famous countrybillswamprock band HACK MACK JACKSON.....


Well, the new album is on the way to be produced. Its all finished, recordigs, mixing, the cover and finally the artwork.

And to let you sniff some swampy rhythms right away, we kick out videos even before the release date.Ha and WOW! As we produce (only) a 10" vinyl, we don´t think we need a proper campagne to promote it state of the art. Cause what kinda market do we serve? While the corona thing and anyways. We serve our music to some good people and they will find us and our records- sooner or later - so we kick out whats finished and hopfully we thrill you also optical wise. So on Friday the 3rd of July (10:00  am) we start with :


"THE NIGHT BEFORE" from the new stuff, enjoy and klick the picture to the right >>>


see ya soon


 the band



If you like to buy some Jackson-Sound feel free to click the Cds! Our latest CD is BIG TIME IN VOODOOVILLE .....

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Hack Mack Jackson- countrybillyswamprock