Hey, Brothers & Sisters, Drinkers & Whistlers...

Here´s some news about düsseldorfs famous countrybillswamprock band HACK MACK JACKSON.....


well there´re some shows comin up:

Fr. 24.6.2016  Düsseldorf, private Party

Fr. 15.7.2016, Goldgrube Kassel, TROUBLEDECKER (Jackson Side Projekt) w/ Ford Broncos 
Sa.16.7.2016, The Tube, Düsseldorf, w/ Ford Broncos 
Sa. 27.8.2016  Zeche Lohberg, 46537 Dinslaken, Rumbler BBQ, Festival
Sa. 10.9.2016  Kiefernstrassenfest, Düsseldorf


We are about to finish practising some more songs for the new album.

Hopefully it will be recorded in June.

Title, Songlist and cover comin´soon right here or here or both.




 the band



If you like to buy some Jackson-Sound feel free to click the Cds! Our latest CD is BIG TIME IN VOODOOVILLE .....

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