Hey, Brothers & Sisters, Drinkers & Whistlers...

Here´s some news about düsseldorfs famous countrybillswamprock band HACK MACK JACKSON.....


Well, the new album is out in some stores ans some mailorders too. Also in all digital Stores. We are pretty proud of it.

We have some viodeos out to promote the record as Lonley Boy and The night before and more to come soon.


If you bought the record already find the download corner right here for the last album and the 10"  too.


Stay safe and healthy and always enjoy good music!!



see ya soon  - 

some shows to come up quite soon.....


Here we go! Vinyl is in the house.

Buy at www.hitsville.de in Düsseldorf or

order at www.soundflat.de. Cheers....

       5 Song EP "PHOENIX"

          Digital Release now!

              On Sale NOW!

 the band



If you like to buy some Jackson-Sound feel free to click the Cds! Our latest CD is BIG TIME IN VOODOOVILLE .....

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